Learning anything lately? by rebello | tildeverse BBJ

>0 rebello @ 2021/02/16 16:43

Thought it might be nice to see what everyone was trying to learn, or learning at the mo?

I've been trying to learn base level Python 3 and debugging practices, I've been enjoying it so far, but I'm struggling to find time to allocate to it.

Is anyone doing anything the same?


>1 anonymous @ 2021/02/16 19:23


I've been slowly getting into C. I figured I should probably /actually/ learn it since I've been contributing to more projects using it. It is slow going, not so much because of the language but because of all the parts around the language.

What are you using python for?

>2 rebello @ 2021/02/17 12:46

Interesting, I'm not really using it for all that much, just to really learn some computer science principles and get a knack for at least one language, my hope was to work up to C and C++, and learn 'a bit of everything' just for kicks really!>>1

>3 Esso98 @ 2021/03/10 09:34

Hey, these days I am learning web development. I don't like the bloated 
modern web, but I thought I would do some web development so I can make some
bucks. BTW I am reading some programming books too. I started reading
'Structure and interpretation of computer programs'. Some friends from
fediverse recommended me to read it.

>4 anonymous @ 2021/03/10 22:41


The big bucks are entirely centered on bloated modern web junk!

SICP is a fun book but I really like the video series that accompanies it (recorded at HP in the 1980's I think).

>5 spider @ 2021/03/12 10:27


I'm in the middle of learning haskell!
It's my first functional programming language and it's so different to what I'm used to.

I'm reading: https://haskellbook.com/

>6 einhard @ 2021/03/16 21:20


I'm trying to further my knowledge of Python. I did a data science bootcamp late last year after losing my job
but I still feel like I don't know enough. A big thing for me is that I need some sort of problem to solve
in order to really get into it.

Currently I'm trying to use Python to model the price of used Subaru Outbacks because I'm trying to sell
my old car, and also trying to learn a bit about webdev to make myself a "professional" resume/portolio type 

I liked https://learnpythonthehardway.org/python3/ for general knowledge, and 
https://www.manning.com/books/math-for-programmers for more specific applications of Python.

>7 cano @ 2021/03/17 14:02

Lately I've been taking an interest in BASH like I never have before.

I'd been using GNU/Linux for nearly ten years and I never particularly cared to learn BASH until now.

But I'm having fun with it. :P

>8 Krabs @ 2021/03/21 17:27


How much utility in scripting does bash give you compared to python? I use some BASH sometimes but I usually fall back to python for doing anything too complicated for scripting. I should still learn BASH though probably.

>9 cano @ 2021/03/22 09:51


I honestly couldn't tell you as I've never used Python. I like to think that once I have a grasp on BASH I'll graduate to something more robust, like Python. Maybe I'll make a post about that in the future.

>10 anonymous @ 2021/06/22 08:42

Working on C, C++, Rust, Python and 90's way of writing websites. I hate Javascript..

>11 rmgr @ 2021/06/23 01:05

I'm trying to do a little bit of pixel art every day as a part of my gamedev endeavours. I've only been doing it for a few weeks but i feel like I'm making progress!

>12 mirage @ 2021/07/08 22:15

I'm currently working on learning some basic Android development - I've got an old Epic 4G and a Galaxy SII, and I've wanted to tinker and develop for a while now. Although they run variations of Android 4, I figure that for basic app development, it probably hasn't changed too much since. Plus, with Reddit having dumped TLS 1.0 and 1.1 yesterday with no warning, there's a practical component in that I need to get my Reddit client functional again. In the meantime, ttrv is tiding me over :P

>13 dgy @ 2021/07/09 21:32

Human figure drawing (again... i've lost track how many times)

>14 defunct @ 2021/07/17 20:08

I'm learning lisp now. Common Lisp. And write a gemini server for it so I get good at lisp :)


>15 oklomsy @ 2021/07/22 09:46

I am mostly trying to learn various Linux utilities, and also basic Python.

>16 pallas @ 2021/09/24 19:05

- emacs lisp
- 1-bit art
- Plan 9
- blender & godot engine

Too much for me, really. Kinda exhausted.