How do you like your coffee? by rmgr | tildeverse BBJ

>0 rmgr @ 2022/04/17 23:06

Personally I'm an espresso kind of the dude but I do like experimenting with a Tricolate brewer or an Aeropress on occasion!

>1 fenris @ 2022/04/18 18:53

Coffee, just good coffee is fine.

>2 tilda @ 2022/04/21 11:58

With lots of milk or, alternatively, cold with vanilla ice cream

>3 tomasino @ 2022/04/25 01:08


I like my coffee like I like my women, strong and given
proper credit for their contributions in both the home
and workplace.

>4 ffuentes @ 2022/04/25 12:41

Not drinking much coffee lately but when I do I have a black one with no sugar, maybe some vanilla extract and that's it. Sometimes I ask for a latte or capuccino but only if they have vegetal milk or lactose free milk.

>5 soda @ 2022/05/03 18:01

Most of the time now I drink decaf with some milk in it. I have caffeine when I really need it.
I still consider myself a coffee drinker. I am addicted to the stuff. Just not to caffeine lol

>6 jdtron @ 2022/05/04 17:29

This one! :D

>7 grizzly @ 2022/05/30 08:40

Black coffee without sugar.

>8 m1k3 @ 2022/06/21 01:29

Close to an espresso grind but drip brewed (Ninja brewer with "rich" setting). Enjoyed with a splash of cream and packet of splenda. The only coffee I get now is from a roaster called Carrabassett Coffee in Maine.

>9 anonymous @ 2022/06/21 13:07

Black coffe with sugar not very hot not cold

>10 grizzly @ 2022/07/27 20:31


Black coffee without sugar or milk

>11 gasconheart @ 2022/08/14 11:01

Black, without sugar or milk or anything. Romanians say "la ibric", and "cu zaĊ£".

Not that I like dregs :) I filter it.

Just testing bbj, or rather my ability to use it. I come here like once a year or more, I always have to relearn the hotkeys to be able to navigate bbj.

>12 anonymous @ 2022/08/15 02:25

I've never drank coffee. The smell puts me off of it. I try to get a sufficient amount of sleep instead. If I really need extra energy, I'll take a caffeine pill, but I try not to do that either.

>13 Thaiel @ 2022/08/24 12:51

Frapuchino, aor anything starbucks like, i treat it like a "light" or at least less desserty milkshake.

Good coffe, milk, foam and sugar.  and always tryit without sugar

Regular coffe: sugarless or with natural sweeteners other than sugar.

>14 savoy @ 2022/09/06 21:52

Strong and black. Usually do with a french press at home, when I'm getting it
from somewhere I like getting a pour-over (although I might get an espresso or
americano if pressed for time).