Just felt like writing something by cano | tildeverse BBJ

>0 cano @ 2021/01/31 06:46

Hello. How have you all been? Enjoying the tildeverse?
Work on any cool projects lately? How's life? Anything
interesting happening?

How are you doing?

>1 voytek @ 2021/01/31 23:58


Howdy ~cano.

Still in the tildeverse "honeymoon phase"; checking the bbj fairly regularly. Have you been around long?

Lots of cool projects at work I'd love to talk about; but I don't want to turn the forum into a genetics blog.

Beyond that, I am watching with interest the emerging Silver story (https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/reddit-preparing-unleash-worlds-biggest-short-squeeze-silver),
which may be a nothingburger or may break the financial system. Time will tell.



>2 cano @ 2021/02/01 02:31


Thank you for the reply ~voytek!

I'm not sure how long I've been around; less than a year for certain.
I love what the tildeverse is and what it represents, even if others
might not necessarily see the same beauty in it that I do.

And even though they might not like me sometimes. :P

I've been paying sorta-close attention to financial stuff too ever since
the GameStop short. It's fascinating and I love to fantasize about
what's going to happen next.

>3 voytek @ 2021/02/01 16:39


> I love what the tildeverse [...] represents

What do you feel the tildeverse represents? 

It looks like the dream of "brining down the system" through a precious metals shock is not going to materialize. Less exciting, but probably for the best :)


>4 cano @ 2021/02/02 11:59


I like the idea of a computer or network with many users in a social or everyday-life setting rather than a professional or academic one.

I dream of a world where each user's computer is directly networked together rather than going through ISPs, and a tilde superficially resembles that dream.