We now have nethack in tilde.team! by gtlsgamr | tildeverse BBJ

>0 gtlsgamr @ 2022/07/13 10:24

Hi all! We now have nethack at tilde.team.  If you don't already know what
nethack is, NetHack is a single-player roguelike video game originally released
in 1987 with ASCII graphics. It is a descendant of an earlier game called Hack,
which is a clone of Rogue. 

To play it, simply type `nethack` in your shell.

If you want to read a guide, here is an [HTML version](https://www.nethack.org/v366/Guidebook.html). 

If you prefer the terminal, you can do this:
`zless /usr/share/doc/nethack-common/Guidebook.txt.gz` to read the guidebook.

To see the highscores on this server, you can go to [This page](https://gtlsgamr.tilde.team/nethack_scores.php).
To see a similar page on gemini, go [here](gemini://tilde.team/~soxfox/nethack). (Thanks to ~soxfox!)

Waiting for players to break the records!

>1 marval @ 2022/07/13 20:50

Oh no, my nethack addiction is calling me back!

>2 soxfox @ 2022/07/14 00:14


That Gemini page was a fun way to play around with and learn about gemserv's CGI support :)
I'm still at the top of the leaderboard for now, but I'm sure someone will take my place soon.

>3 grizzly @ 2022/07/27 20:24


Find new friends

>4 gtlsgamr @ 2022/07/28 02:39

Why? What's wrong with the ones I already have?

>5 anthk @ 2022/08/01 12:17


I am anwering from a Hispanic (as a language) Tilde
because I forgot my priv key for tilde.team, but, anyway,
I'll share my ~/.nethackrc and ~/.slashemrc files so 
anyone can enjoy my config.



They are the same, but I think the hilite_pet option (or
hilite_pile, can't remember) won't work under Nethack 3.4.3.