What video games are you playing currently? by konomo | tildeverse BBJ

>0 konomo @ 2020/12/20 00:19

I'm fascinated by SCP: Containment Breach (The game is extremely frustrating at parts, even on Easy difficulty)
A month ago I have looked into Minetest (especially the Hades game mode, which plays on a volcanic planet)

What are you playing?

>1 annathecrow @ 2020/12/20 23:09


I'm veeeeery sloooowly working through Knights of the Old Republic. It's ancient, but I'm enjoying it. It helps that the difficulty isn't too high (I'm a casual player at best and my gamer reflexes... aren't, lol.)

Honestly, the only reason I'm playing it now is that the two KOTOR games were on sale and nostalgia hit hard :D I used to have a poster of KOTOR II as a kid (it came with a gaming mag), but never actually got to play it.

At least now I don't have to care about the hardware requirements XD

>2 kmeow @ 2020/12/21 21:42


All the Old Republic games were great, even the MMO. I played KOTOR2 when
it was released, and while the story and characters were pretty involving
the game itself was plagued by crash bugs (probably long fixed).

As for myself, I've been playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Lots
of fun, but weird after coming off of Monster Hunter World as it's missing
many of the innovations of that game.

>3 dgy @ 2020/12/21 22:24

Those bugs were never fixed, i'm sad to say. way way back in the day a team came
together to try and fix these bugs and restore content back into the game (there
was a ton of content in the game files that was ready to be played, but not
"linked" into the rest of the game). But at some point there was some huge drama
and accusations and it all ended. i don't know if anything else happened after

As for playing... My gaming pc is 10 years old, so it's mostly stuff that still
runs on it nicely, when i feel like a pc game.

Outside of that, i have a lot of emulators on the rpi

>4 spider @ 2021/01/12 00:37


Everyone should try factorio!

>5 kite @ 2021/01/19 21:14

Just started playing .hack//fragment on the netslum server. I played the .hack// games as a kid and was always bummed that the 'mmo' version was never released in the west. I was lamenting the fact that Bandai Namco was probably never going to let Cyber Connect 2 make another .hack game to some friends and decided to see if there was any progress on an english patch/ fan server. The game is super crusty, but it scratches a massive nostalgia itch for sure.

>6 lab6 @ 2021/01/19 22:50


I am currently trying to get the high score on tilde.club's NetHack scoreboard!

>7 rmgr @ 2021/02/02 04:14


I bought a Retroid Pocket 2 this year for bus rides to/from work so I've been playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time again. I love this game,theres just some sort of weird charm about it that i cant put my finger on!

>8 jwinnie @ 2021/02/02 19:58

I'm playing ULTRAKILL right now -- it's an amazing game! It's like classic DOOM but faster, bloodier and more creative... it's probably the most fun I've had playing a first-person shooter game so far. The demo is free on itch.io, and it works natively on Linux, so I would definitely recommend it!

>9 rmgr @ 2021/02/02 23:13


That ticks basically all of my boxes. I'm going to have to pick that up!

>10 teaboo @ 2021/02/03 20:30


I grabbed this game because of this post. The game feels like an alternate answer to the problem Doom 2016 tried to solve. Compared to the glory kill system in Doom 2016, the blood system in ULTRAKILL feels more connected to the rest of the gameplay. The movement feels natural and help to close the distance to position for a kill without holding your hand. The blood mechanic feels like something that could be added to Brutal Doom and feel at home.

>11 karx @ 2021/02/05 18:37


I'm playing lots of modded minecraft with my friends, and I also started playing pokemon go again

>12 konomo @ 2021/02/05 22:51


Are you playing a modpack, or just mods you and your friends selected?

>13 karx @ 2021/02/06 21:55


It's a modpack that my friend made, although I could post the link here if you guys want it.

>14 blitzkraft @ 2021/02/07 03:14


I am currently playing Hollow Knight. It's a pretty intense platformer (for me). Loving it.

>15 anonymous @ 2021/02/08 00:03


i really need to finish Hollow Knight. I lost a bunch of money on a stupid death and ragequit and never returned.

>16 deurish @ 2021/02/09 06:54


Recently bought the Crash Bandicoot remakes, so I've been playing them.
I think they did a pretty good job.
Even the parts the frustrated me when I was younger, still frustrate me

>17 architect @ 2021/02/09 09:29

I'm really into Sea of Thieves. It's sort of like an MMO, where you sail
around collecting treasue and fighting skeletons, and you can go attack 
someone else on the server to take their treasure, and if you decide to mind 
your own buisiness, you need to be aware of your surroundings and make sure 
nobody's sneaking up on you to go all Jack Sparrow on ya while you're trying 
to sell your spoils.

Played best with friends so that you can sing sea shanties and have a 
swashbuckling time.

>18 hrnekbezucha @ 2021/02/13 16:07

not much of a gamer but i fired up some old doom wads again. this one is called ancient aliens. getting my ass kicked but it's nice.

>19 jeroanan @ 2021/02/13 20:24

I'm playing Kickle Cubicle for the NES. Turns out it's just as much fun now as it was 25+ years ago.

>20 zer0 @ 2021/02/16 01:11

Just finished Hitman 3 and now I don't know what to do with my life

>21 tomasino @ 2021/02/16 18:23


Hitman 4?

>22 chmod777 @ 2021/02/21 12:51

I've been playing way too much Endless Sky.

>23 voytek @ 2021/03/02 21:34


Still show up occasionally in-world on an old space-shooter called Vendetta Online.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker went on sale a little while ago; and after a false start 
(why bother putting casters in the game, who need to rest up to replenish spells, 
if there's going to be a time limit?) I'm well into the prologue. Having
a good time, but makes me nostalgic for *actual* P&P play.

About a decade ago I was an active member of the local PFS, and had my own
group working its way through the actual P&P Kingmaker campaign. As these
things go, the group fell apart when one player decided that their specific
minimax build, and arguing about the rules it abuses to make it work, was
the only means by which s/he could have a good time.

>24 ben @ 2021/03/07 18:01

not really sure why but i pretty much stopped gaming since quarantine

the only thing i play nowadays is duck game or other couch co-op games with my partner

it's wonderful

>25 tomasino @ 2021/05/06 10:25

I dusted off Lord of the Rings Online. I joined as a pre-order back in the day and paid for the lifetime subscription up front. I stopped playing about 8 or 9 years ago and forgot about it until a friend picked it up recently. They've added so much new content it's ridiculous. And, since I had that lifetime jibby-jab, apparently I've been acquiring LOTRO points this whole time. I was able to log in, create a new character, bump it up to level 120 and buy literally everything in the in-game store with the point I'd acquired. Now I just need to remember how to play.

>26 dgy @ 2021/05/06 23:18

I've been trying to find a decent Civ clone and compromising on playing UnCiv on my phone. FreeCiv remains as terrible and unfun as i remember it

>27 erin @ 2021/05/19 16:21

Oh yeah, Hollow Knight is super good. Probably one of my favourite games. But yeah, pretty hard.
I've never finished it, but I should probably get back to it sometime.

Also excited for the sequel coming out (hopefully) soon.

>28 erin @ 2021/05/19 16:24


I'm currently playing XOnotic, just got into it recently.
It's a FOSS arena shooter (I think?) similar to Quake and stuff.
Pretty fun, even though I suck at it.

>29 prisonpotato @ 2021/05/20 19:36

That sounds sort of similar to Red Eclipse, have you tried it?

>30 jacksonbenete @ 2021/05/20 22:32

I don't play computer games since 2017 when my last good computer died.
In late 2017 I've bought a PS4 instead of building another computer, 
but I had no time to play it too much, the only game I've played
kind of often on it was For Honor.

In 2019 I've sold my PS4 since I was going abroad, and I've bought a 
N2DSXL and a PS Vita, for if I ever want to play something I could 
since the PS4 would be hard to carry on bags travelling and moving so much.

Unfortunately I didn't played on those too much as well, I don't know what 
happened, maybe I can't enjoy games anymore without thinking in everything 
else I need to do?
It's almost the same with movies and series, the only one I watch is 
The Expanse and The Mandalorian, any others and I start to feel guilty 
about my time.

>31 easeout @ 2021/05/22 00:04

I'm finishing up Resident Evil 7 before I give much conisderation to 8. I replayed Prey recently; I love the immersive sim genre and its history.

>32 rmgr @ 2021/05/23 12:19

I've started playing ARMA 3 again. They just released a Vietnam war DLC and it is fantastic!

>33 erin @ 2021/05/26 14:41

I think I've heard of that before, never played it though.
I've only gotten into Xonotic recently.
Red Eclipse looks cool though, I'll have to check it out!

>34 rmgr @ 2021/05/28 04:54

Xonotic is a lot of fun! In my region there's as small crew who are pretty active on Friday/Saturday nights which is nice!

>35 dgy @ 2021/05/31 23:48

Are you playing on the pungas server, perhaps?

>36 rmgr @ 2021/06/01 02:04


Nah I'm in Australia, it's generally on Xonotic Australia Overclocked Votable

>37 anonymous @ 2021/06/03 08:41


Dota 2 :-)

>38 cata @ 2021/06/04 21:37

I keep coming back to Rocket League.
It's one that I can pick up and play for 15 minutes or 4 hours.
I can walk away from it for a day, or a month and come back with all the context I need!
I've got a good crew of friends that I play with which definitely adds to it!

>39 anonymous @ 2021/06/22 04:00

Currently playing Hue, it's a somewhat simple/short game, but I find it really fun!

I did get it for free on Epic Games instead of buying it though.

I did use to play Minecraft a lot, but I'm kinda bombarded with school right now, and my interest in the game is slowly decreasing (haven't gotten to try 1.17 yet though)

>40 anonymous @ 2021/06/22 08:23

Not playing anything :( Suggest me some good text based games, RPGs and stuff

>41 mirage @ 2021/07/08 22:31


That's awesome, I've actually just been checking out Vendetta Online myself! I remember first finding out about the game ages ago, but I didn't like the paid subscriptions. Recently I found out it's become free to play, and so I've been meaning to finally give it a real shot. I started out with the UIT and so far, it's been pretty great, though I'm a bit lost on where to start, with how much stuff there is to do and all.

>42 ben @ 2021/07/09 16:29

i picked up mass effect legendary edition and have been working my way through the series.

very addicting!!

also playing some gta5 online and picked up a couple others on the steam summer sale
that i will get to Eventually

>43 peron @ 2021/07/09 17:42


Well, I'm using trek and empire.

>44 sudoz @ 2021/08/06 15:12

I play a videogame called teeworrlds, is a 2d shooter online game, and warmux or hedgewars>>OP

>45 jebug29 @ 2021/08/07 19:33

I'm currently playing Zelda: Skyward Sword and trying to beat it before I move
on to anything else. I've got Neo: The World Ends with You and Disgaea 6 in my

>46 annathecrow @ 2021/08/16 18:18


Oh lol, more than a year later I'm back to report that I've finished KOTOR and now I'm playing KOTOR II. It's kicking my ass a bit more than KOTOR - the fighting is more difficult and I keep getting getting stuck on quests because I miss something really obvious (like a WHOLE DAMN HALWAY on Peragus, oh lol). I'm having a lot of fun with it, though.

Also, we're back in the office now and we've successfully revived our pre-pandemic tradition of playing Counter Strike on slow afternoons (on the clock but boss-approved, yay). You'd think people would like to play even when we were all working from home, but it's not as much fun when you're not sitting in a near-empty open-plan office and listening to your colleague curse two rows over XD

>47 sudoz @ 2021/08/16 23:37

I play Super tux kart (a racing game) and xonotic, uh and F zero on ZSNES emulator

>48 grawlix @ 2021/08/18 04:49

King of Dragon Pass is (for me anyway) a classic mostly-text RPG / 
strategy / management sim with a rather cool storytelling design.

>49 jacksonbenete @ 2021/09/15 00:51

So, I've bought Total War: Shogun 2 as my entry to the Total War series.
I still have problems playign as I have too much work to do, and too
many things to study, so sometimes I feel guilty of playing.

But I'm opening a concession to this one, as sometimes I just want to
(or even need to) forget work and studies.

So far the game is great, although I'm a "total failure" playing this
Total War game, but it's the best strategy game I've played so far.

I've bought Shogun 2 because I thought Three Kingdoms wouldn't work on
my machine (Macbook Air M1 8GB RAM).
Yesterday I discovered that it do works, but I'm already having fun
with Shogun 2.

But I'm really considering buying Three Kingdoms and Warhammer next,
maybe I can invest some time in this series and call it my hobby.

I was a huge fun of strategy games, as well as 4X games...
Civilization have boring combates.
Age of Empires have a fun combat but boring management (and none diplomacy).

Total War seems to be the best of both worlds, I can watch my heirs growing
up, I can marry my daughters and turn my sons into generals.
I can adopt generals of other families as my sons as well.
I can trade with, protect and attack other nations.
And the combat it's great, as much as I like Age of Empires the combat
is good but is a mess... You click on some units and they move to attack
in complete disorder.

Total War allow you to maintain rigid and organized formations, as well as
to give orders to change formation, instead of some guys attacking disorderly
you can have your archers in columns or rows, it's just beautiful to see
everything orderly and a squad of mounted lancers piercing through a line. :)

I fondly recommend this game.

>50 corey @ 2021/09/19 02:31


A friend was playing the Warhammer version and it reminded me of some good times playing Rome Total War. I should pick it up again!
Rimworld is my go-to these days but I'm cycling between the same 4 games every 4-6 weeks now.

>51 anonymous @ 2021/09/20 18:40

Yeah, ULTRAKILL is pretty fun, I've only played the demo, but it was fun as heck, nice to see it mentioned!>>8

>52 roly @ 2021/12/13 21:32

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling.
It's a Paper Mario inspired RPG. I have the collectors Edition by the way!

>53 eaplmx @ 2021/12/15 22:33


Link's Awakening (From GBC but on a 3DS), Dicey Dungeons (Switch) and Ace Attorney (NDS on same 3DS)

>54 ogmios @ 2021/12/16 02:49

Slay The Spire and Stellaris

>55 ayko @ 2021/12/16 18:28

"Conflict of nations" my classmate recomanded it to me,very fun real time
strategy war game.
Also my favorite, "Open Spades".
Sad that i am not wery good at it.

>56 jade @ 2021/12/25 22:02

I played GRIS today and it was amazing, if you can you should give it a try ! 
tomorow I'll probably play some minecraft or try space engineers

>57 hifikuno @ 2022/02/03 02:15

I don't play as much as I used too, but at the moment I am working my way
through the Myst series.

Last week I actually beat Myst for the first time. Riven will be harder because
I have no memories of Riven from childhood to point me in the right direction.

I got gamepass for three years from doing that dodgy xbox live credit to 
gamepass conversion. So I play random games on that. I just finished Hitman 3,
that was fun.

>58 anonymous @ 2022/02/04 19:36

I don't play all that many video games, but when I do, Morrowind/OpenMW and Civilization V are two favourites. Every now and again I will get completely immersed in one of these for a few days. Faster Than Light, Super Hexagon, OpenTTD and Nethack are others that I play more often but not for as long. Lately I have also been playing some Ur-Quan Masters.

>59 anonymous @ 2022/06/08 10:18

Currently playing Keplerth, but Factorio and Dyson Sphere Program should be mandatory!

>60 anthk @ 2022/06/15 17:48

Try Arx Fatalis with Arx Libertatis, you'll like it if you like morrowind.

>61 terry @ 2022/06/21 22:36

I'm currently playing a ton of Chivalry 2. I'm not normally an fps type player, but something about the sword + board gratuitous violence has me in love.

>62 winterbreeze @ 2022/06/22 07:29

Last game I played before life caught up was Alien: Isolation.

As a fan of the original film I highly recommend it - it really
captures the vibe, almost too well for a game based on a movie
franchise. Also best scares I had in a long time, as it doesn't
rely on cliche stuff like jumpscares.

Did I mention it's ported to Linux too?

>63 spencerwi @ 2022/07/08 18:51

I started playing the Kingdom Hearts series on PC ironically, because I've heard how bonkers the plot is, but now I think I'm kinda enjoying it?

Like, don't get me wrong, the plot is bonkers and the dialogue is often word salad, and it's a weird mishmash of Final-Fantasy-anime-nonsense and Disney-aimed-at-12-year-olds, and the controls of the first game are _terrible_, and some of the spinoffs have unneccesarily obtuse mechanics, but like....I'm on Kingdom Hearts 2 now and it's kinda alright. Like, it's fun enough, and it has enough charm that I'm kinda into it now.

Also played through TMNT: Shredder's Revenge. That game just straight-up rules, no irony needed.

>64 gtlsgamr @ 2022/07/09 14:05


I have been playing nethack, factorio, and the portal games recently. Factorio is a long term thing, which I play during breaks from work. I have finished portal 1 and I loved it! But before I could try portal 2, I got into nethack. I haven't played anything else in days.

>65 anthk @ 2022/07/18 09:52

Try Slashem. The #tecniques addition plus the 
Doppleganger Monk role/character it's fun.

>66 grizzly @ 2022/07/27 20:04

SCP: Containment Breach
It may sound strange, but this game is mainly sponsored by me, even my fiancée was angry that I spent so much money, on this game (YT donations) and yes it is created by a Pole, and yes, I too a Pole.

>67 anthk @ 2022/09/11 13:13


Shadowrun for Genesis/Mega Drive with the 2058 patch:


Kinda like Deus Ex with a magic addon and in a true
open world.

The game is amazing but if I knew m68k code well I'd
decompile it with Ghydra in order to put new stuff
such as sewers and a different "internet" instead
of the classical cyberpunk Matrix.

>68 savoy @ 2022/09/12 13:33

I haven't really had the time recently to play much unfortunately, but I have
been playing a lot of Hollow Knight and Stardew Valley when I can.


It's actually native? I may have to pick it up again, I haven't played that in
years and Alien is easily a top movie for me.

>69 danignat @ 2022/09/15 07:27

I'm playing Xenoblade 3 on Switch; it really is a great game. I spent full weekends with it :)
It has everything - story, exploration, a very good combat system. Also it has a few levels of difficulty 
regarding combat, so it is suitable for everyone.

>70 aspect @ 2023/02/05 07:11

Currently slowly and painfully making my way through hollow knight

>71 anthk @ 2023/03/19 11:54

Well, back to Slashem and sometimes some IF games
with nfrotz and replaying either Spider and Web,
Anchorhed or Vicious Cycles.

And csokoban from the cgames package.

>72 maisel @ 2023/03/20 21:06

i've been playing a lot of toontown rewritten and splatoon! those are my
favorites, but i've also been enjoying duskers (an exploration
game where you pilot drones through abandoned spaceships using the directional
keys and a command line interface. it's really tense and nerve-wracking, which
is great.

>73 ultrachip @ 2023/04/07 00:36

Lately I've been on a Cyberpunk kick. Normally I'm more in to smaller indie games (mainly exploration/sandbox/ games and walking sims)