New years resolutions by anonymous | tildeverse BBJ

>0 anonymous @ 2022/01/12 12:13

Anyone have any resolutions for 2022? My main ones revolve around picking up two basic life skills that have somehow evaded me so far: swimming and driving.

>1 anonymous @ 2022/01/12 15:43



or at least starting with it

>2 anthk @ 2022/01/17 21:21


Picking up jimtcl and so some finger, gopher and gemini clients with
that. Later, a Z-machine interpreter in that language. You know,
Zork, but not just Zork, the IF archive has more "modern" games.
Also, getting out with my GF to ride an electric bike around my
city and the surrounding towns.

>3 nexeq @ 2022/01/20 10:06


i hope in new year i'll currently change my life. for a just one half of year i moved to big city and solved many internal psychological problems.
yolo. further more.

>4 anonymous @ 2022/01/23 18:24

lol. "post more". 

Which I'll probably regret/abandon in like 5 months.