Any cool C project to start with? by matthilde | tildeverse BBJ

>0 matthilde @ 2020/08/07 20:03


I like to learn stuff by making projects and I would like to make a cool project in C to begin with but I don't have much ideas.

Any ideas or projects you have already done in C?

>1 Geo @ 2020/08/08 02:21


I haven't actually finished it yet and it was originally in Java, but one cool project I've been working on recently has been a file downloader, but with the gimmick that it plays sounds in the background and dynamically changes those sounds based on download speed / status. So for example, if you're working on a large file with a good connection, it'd sound like a firehose. If the download speed dropped, the sound might change to a tapwater sink, or perhaps a garden hose, and if it was really slow, it might turn to a trickle or a gentle dribble. I figured it's a neat way to monitor your downloads without needing a pop up or any kind of visual distraction. C might make it a bit harder to implement than something like Java, but I imagine it's still totally doable!

Another idea worth exploring might be a basic emulator for an old system, like an original GameBoy emulator, if you enjoy digging into specs and stuff. Even if you only go so far as to emulate the bootscreen and/or a simple game like Tetris, it's pretty cool to think you can execute a game like that on a modern computer! :)

>2 matthilde @ 2020/08/08 18:24

The Gameboy emulation idea gave me an idea. Thanks anyways :D

>3 Geo @ 2020/08/17 22:44


No problem, glad it helped! :)