What keyboard layout do you use? by grizzly | tildeverse BBJ

>0 grizzly @ 2022/03/18 23:20

Today on HN I noticed a post that points out a new keyboard layout created by AI for perfect efficiency.
Of course there are several keyboard layouts like standard Qwerty or Dvorak etc...

1. Qwerty, 2. Dvorak, 3. Colemak, 4. Workman, 5. Halmak

>1 jacksonbenete @ 2022/03/19 00:27


I just lost a long reply, so I'll try to sum it up.

1) querty  EDIT: qwerty haha, epic fail

Problems with layouts in general.

1 - they're all quite centered around English or germanic languages.

2 - apart from some places in Europe, most countries uses qwerty, if I
have to use a PC other than mine on the streets, I would be quite lost
because I got used to a non-conventional layout.

3 - keybindings in some apps get unreasonable bad unless you remap everything
which is a lot of work and source of confusion.

I think there are some cool layouts, but I'm saving my sanity and time and
just sticking to qwerty.

>2 grizzly @ 2022/03/19 01:06


1. Qwerty

Thanks for the reply, as I tried to write this post in halmak I felt like I was using a keyboard for the first time.
One thing I like about Halmak is that the punctuation is nicely in the middle and easy to catch.

But I'm also sticking with qwerty.

>3 tomasino @ 2022/03/21 19:03


Dvorak user here. It greatly helped my RSI.

>4 dozens @ 2022/04/06 19:06

2. Colemak

Over ten years now probably.

Started learning it because of wrist pain. Easily one of the most humbling
experiences of my life to have my WPM drop from +100 to 12.

No more wrist pain though!

Chose it over something like dvoak because of its similarity to qwerty, and
because it seemed at the time more readily supported on the devices I was using.

>5 anthk @ 2022/04/08 13:45


Qwerty, us-acentos (Native Spanish speaker, but the us layout 
it's much better than the Spanish one) with Ctrl and Caps Lock
swapped over.

>6 anonymous @ 2022/06/08 10:17


>7 Shufei @ 2022/06/09 02:05


I am enjoying Rime IME with qwerty+stroke keys often.  Still trying to learn Wubi.  I do handwriting via ipad, and am still scrambling to find a decent handwriting IME for *nix.  Toodloo, good pubnixians.

>8 brib @ 2022/06/19 20:46

QWERTY, mix of US and UK layout as some of my keyboards are US only

Kinda boring but I don't really want to retrain my fingers....

>9 exxxxkc @ 2022/07/06 11:57