Post your cool project by anonymous | tildeverse BBJ

>0 anonymous @ 2022/08/31 09:40

Share whatever you made and think is cool.
Did you create a game?
Have you designed a new language?
Are you reading a tutorial and you finally got to the point you have a very minimal working thing?
Are you learning a new language and you are very proud of your first 10 lines script?

No matter how small, dumb or unfinished, show it to the tilde!

>1 jacksonbenete @ 2022/09/04 19:23

Well, I don't have code to share just yet,
But recently I posted on NNTP about an idea of creating my website with NNTP

Everytime I post something, it would also create a netnews mail.
The Free Thinker and xwindows made some comments about and they gave me
some nice ideas.

Unfortunately though I'm not with a lot of free time, and the NNTP protocol
can be laborious to implement.

Yesterday I had another idea though.
I could provide the website as plain HTML, and I thought about writing
a comments engine based on top of a mail server.

Every blogpost has an uuid, if you send an email to
"" with subject "uuid", your message would be rendered
as a comment in the bottom of the blog post page.

I think it's cool because peeople using lynx or another app don't have to deal
with forms or javascript, and people could do a followup directly using their
email app instead of revisiting the blogpost, as I could reply to the email
as a way to reply to the comment.

I think it could be cool... I'm just trying to use small and simple tools to
solve problems and to compose solutions. Everyone knows how to use email,
so we don't need a fancy comments form, no javacript, etc.

Another advantage of using plain HTML, without too much fancy formatting,
is that it might be able to easily parse that to serve as gopher or other

Maybe I could write the blogpost using Markdown instead, and then parse
the content on-demand depending on which port I'm receiving the request.

I need to think more about it.

>2 savoy @ 2022/09/06 23:18

I feel like Python gets "typecasted" as sort of a beginners language or
language for non-programmers to write bad code.

I can see where that comes from as I have zero formal training in programming,
and a lot of my early code and scripts is *really bad*. But I feel like I've
improved so much more and although this program has a lot of bad code leftover
from my earlier programming days of 2018 (not quite 2015-2017 bad), I'm really
proud of it

I'm also slowly beginning a rewrite of some of the core modules of that program
in Rust to practice and learn that language in the features/rust branch. I
only have one module completed, but it makes me feel like I'm branching out a
lot more.

And speaking of Rust, this was my first official Rust project I've ever done.
This library was needed as I'm planning on writing an opener to replace my use
of xdg-open. I already have an (old and kinda messy) script I've been using in
Python, but I thought this would be a good chance to really start practicing
Rust. A customer opener can easily be written as a bash script, but I've gotten
a good flow of using a mailcap file along with some additional logic, and
although Rust is probably overkill, I've really enjoyed the limited coding I've
done in it so far!

>3 tash @ 2022/09/22 04:38

I'm currently building a text-art generator, mostly out of a mix of
curiosity and boredom. Currently it supports dithered block characters
and ASCII, but I plan on extending it to support colors through ANSI
escape sequences, as well as braille art and potentially sixel support
(which is a text-based graphics protocol, hence why it belongs in this).
It's implemented entirely in C++17, which for many reasons is my favorite
applications programming language to work with (not saying it's perfect of
course, just that **i** personally like it).

There's some bugs to fix and kinks to work out, but I'll likely be releasing
it soon and post the link here within a week or so.

>4 tomasino @ 2022/10/03 15:01


We have a user doing that on Cosmic Voyage. Any new logged entry gets shared
onto our local net news group. I can't remember who wrote it at the moment
but maybe you can get some help by asking around in #cosmic

>5 x88 @ 2022/10/08 02:22

I'm currently remaking my launcher for Minecraft Pi Edition Reborn in Golang mostly to learn it but also because it has a very nice toolkit.